Bailey...a memorial...
Born July 23,2001..Died July 20,2003

As of May 2003, little Bailey had come down with "something". We had run the course on most related blood work and tests. Everyone was scratching their head on just what was wrong with her. Anemia was on a roller coaster ride with her. I am sorry to say that on July 20,2003....little Bailey passed away in the arms of the one she loved the most. We love you and will miss you Bailey bird.

Thanks a bunch to

Gina Robinson, D.V.M, VCA Highlands Animal Hospital


Michael P. Jones, D.V.M., Jocelyn Allen, and everyone behind the scene at the Dept of Small Animal Clinical Sciences, College of Veterinary Medicine, The University of Tennessee.

As you can see on the "Bucket of birds" webpage that Pam had raised a clutch of 3.... Being the kind hearted person she is, and also from being a mother to the little FIDs for so long, she had decided to keep the older FID as her own. The pretty little Bailey was a big part of the family here. She was an African Grey Parrot (Timneh). She was starting to talk a little, but maybe due to her illness, did not reach her full potential for a vocabulary.. Please go to her link below to listen how she had progressed from "baby garble" to a few intelligible words. This one was totally committed to Pam, and would "break her neck" to get away from me. (but yet I can get her to step-up on my hand if she had flown down to the floor)

Listen to some of Baileys first words. On her 10th month birthday(?), we just happened to turn the recorder on as we were leaving out some where. The other birds were quiet the whole time little Bailey chattered baby garble (most of it unintelligible) for a good 20-30 minutes. But here is some of the first intelligible words we have ever heard her say..

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1. "Bailey was just a jabbering away....this is the beginning of what follows below"
2. "Bailey tries 2 versions of "OK" out"
3. "Its to hot"
4. "How are you?"
5. "Come over here."
6. "Bailey, What are you doin'"
7. "You alright?"
8. "Come on Bwaze"
9. "Don't tell"
10. "Elmo, you there?"
11. "Get down"
12. "Good night"
13. "Hi Bailey"
14. "I'll take milk"
15. "Bennington" (Dog)
16. "You know what I mean"."