We now have 11 personal dogs. Throw in a few rescue dogs and there could easily be as many as a couple dozen dogs running around here.

Our inside dogs are smaller dogs..... Bennington, Emma Lou, Abby, Moses, Silly Lilly, and the new kid Fredric Salvador Vaughn Lucas.

And our outside dogs are....Tigger came from the Campbell County Humane Society in Dec 2003. Mel, who I went and got from the Reed and Sammie Smith family after X-mas in Dec. 2003. (They were hoping to provide her with a home with plenty of room and play.) Mazy came to us from a family who needed to find her a good home, with plenty of running room. Sis is a beautiful Australian Sheppard that has unending energy to play. Betty is a boxer we just could not let go..... .....

Please visit our memorial page for all the great and wonderful dogs that have come and gone in our lives, giving us their love and devotion. Rainbow Bridge

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Emma Lou
Silly Lilly
Fredric Salvador Vaughn Lucas