I want to dedicate this page to all the great dogs that have passed through our lives here. They have been part of our family for years and it is REALLY hard to give them up when the time comes. But life must go on, so I want to thank each and every one of them for their unconditional companionship and loyalty....

On Nov. 02 of 2003, Pam and I decided that the quality of life for the oldest of our canine family members was not what we wanted to see. Magnum, our German Shepherd and Blaze, our Doberman, were both put to sleep and given a final resting place together here on the farm. Memorial page for Blaze and Magnum

Also, on April 18 of 2006, Pam and I decided that T.J., our Terrier Mix and family companion of 15 years, was physically failing to a point that we thought it best that we put him down. He rests peacefully beside life long friends Magnum and Blaze here on the farm. Memorial page for T.J.

Lexi came to live with us several years ago. We thought she'd be happier here on the farm as she grew into her senior years. Memorial page for Lexi

One of the neatest dogs we have ever had. Big ole' Hagan was really a winner. We miss him alot. Memorial page for Hagan.

Ms Beasley was, and will always be the sweetheart of the family. We picked her out of the Kingsport Animal Shelter (on Industrial Drive back then). Her little face peered from the back of the pen with a pitiful “they won’t pay any attention to me” look…. Boy did we fool her with plenty of love for the rest of her life her on the farm.... Memorial page for Ms Beasley.